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  Informative Articles

Next Marketing Tip For The Beginning Entrepreneur
Internet Marketing has been a buzzword for over a decade now, a short time by ordinary measure. And yet in terms of Internet reckoning, this is a very long time. Whatever, we always go back to the origin of the word marketing.Marketing, as we know it, primarily concentrates on consumers . As Inte. . .
Next 5 Ways To Get Your Business Running, Profitable and Successful Within 90 Days
What do you do when the job you’re in “disappears” before your eyes, and leaves you without a paycheck? Like many people, I understand that feeling all too well. And like many people, I took my entrepreneur spirit, and started my own company with very little capital. One thing that makes a compan. . .
Next Making Your Online Testimonials More Believable
1. PICTURESAsk people if they would e-mail a picture with theirtestimonial. If they don't have one scanned you couldhave them send their picture by mail and you couldscan it. This technique will give your testimonials morecredibility.2. ELECTRONIC SIGNATURESMost online testimonials you see have t. . .
Next Methods of Generating New Ideas for Entrepreneurs
Summary: Even with a wide variety of sources available, coming up with an idea as the basis for a new venture can still be a difficult problem. The entrepreneur can use several methods to help generate and test new ideas including focus groups, brainstorming and problem inventory analysis.The fol. . .
Next This Real Estate Marketing Technique Will Draw Motivated Prospects To Your Real Estate Web Site L...
After reading this article you will have learned a simple technique as discussed in my e-book, "Top 10 Search Engine Positioning Secrets For Real Estate Web Sites," that can significantly increase the number of motivated targeted visitors to your web site and directly increase your sales.It is a . . .
Next A Simple Way to Make Money Online
Most people believe that making money online only involves putting up a website selling a product or service, and then promoting it.Wrong answer! On many counts, but we'll concentrate on two of them which are closely related:1) People don't buy products, they buy solutions to their problems...As . . .
Next Affiliate Marketing With Google Adwords
One of the best kept secrets in today's affiliate marketing world is the pay per click advertising version with Google AdWords. Adwords allows advertisers to place small ads on websites or on Google.com search result pages. You probably noticed the little advertisements to the right on Google.com. . .
Next Seven Secret Spells for Exhibiting Success
JK Rowling has done it again. With her latest volume, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, she’s got fans lining up in the bookstores, vying for the chance to be the very first to grab a copy of the 600-page tome. That in itself is a type of magic – she’s created a product so good that chil. . .
Next The View from The Aisle: Attending A Trade Show
How many teams does your company send to a trade show? Unless you work for the very largest of Fortune 500 companies, the answer is probably one. It’s very rare for a company to send two teams to a show. Instead the same small group of staff members have to pull double-duty at the trade show, . . .
Next What Does Your E-Address Tell People About You?
How much time did you spend on deciding on the appearance of your business cards? Or your letterhead? Why was it so important to get them just right? Were you trying to present a professional image?Now, how much time did you spend on the appearance of your email address? Did you give it the sli. . .
Next Ten Monster Ways To Anchor Down More Sales
1. Multiply your marketing and advertising efforts on the Internet. You can accomplish this by starting an affiliate program or using viral marketing. 2. Increase your ratio of visitors that purchase your product(s). You could change your headline, offer a stronger guarantee, add testimonial. . .
Next Survey Says...
You can learn things you didn't know about your business by surveying. Maybe your customers buy your main product just to get the free gifts. Your visitors may think it's to hard tonavigate through your web site. You may find out that most of your customers make over $100,000 a year. By knowing t. . .
Next Headline Failure Equals Profit Failure
Arguably, it is often claimed by professional copywriters that the headline contributes 80% or more of the success of any ad, article, or sales letter.Direct marketing expert Jeff Paul goes so far as to credit the headline with 100% of the success or failure of any ad or sales letter, because, as. . .
Next TEN High-Impact Viral Marketing Strategies
1. Allow people to reprint your articles on their website, in their e-zine, newsletter, magazine or ebooks.Include your resource box and the option for articlereprints at the bottom of each article.2. Allow people to use any of your freebies as freebonuses for products or services they sell. Incl. . .
Next Ad Copy Secrets Of The Rich And Not So Famous
1. Use a hand written letter on your ad copy insteadof text. Write the ad on a piece of paper, scan it andpublish the ad on your web page. Adding a personaltouch will always increase your sales.2. Publish a list of famous and respected customerswho have bought from you on your a copy. Peoplewill . . .
Next Ten Electrifying Ways To Explode Your Orders
1. Persuade visitors to link to your web site. Givethem a freebie in exchange for them linking to yourweb site. It could be content, software, etc.2. Link to web sites that provide useful informationor services for your visitors. If you have many usefullinks on your site, they may make it their s. . .
Next Adsense, Boost Your Payout 400% No Really
How?Dead easy.I implemented this tactic myself recently on one of my sites and my CTR has gone up 300% and it hasn't been 24hrs yet. Needless to say I'll be spending sometime making changes to my Adsense ads across my network of sites.What is it?Sorry, can't resist a little intrigue.It's very sim. . .
Next Unleash A Thundering, Non-Stop Traffic Stampede To Your Site -- Practically Overnight!
There is a new tool available that promise to do wonders for your traffic. It’s called Traffic TurboCharger. This piece of equipment doesn’t brake any search engine rules and it actually generates beautiful pages visitors would like to see.I took this tool for a test drive, and it’s true, you can. . .
Next 10 Ways To Quadruple Your Sales by 232%
1. When you make your first sale, you need to follow-up with the customer. You could follow-up with a nice "thank you" email and include an advertisement for any other products you sell. I advise to follow-up every few months or weeks even! 2. Try to up sell to your customers. When your customer. . .
Next Keywords, Ranking & Search Engine Optimization Fun
I am a Search Engine Optimization newbie. I have read a little on various forums, browsed a few articles, and readthrough The Affiliate Masters Course (Ken Evoy) a couple of times.Eleven days ago I invested a little of my affiliate earnings in a new product that was being launched.The Dowser Prof. . .

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